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In a market where there are so many different writing services on offer, what is it that makes Academized so unique? We need to dig deeper in Academized customers’ reviews.

On their site, they say that they ‘cannot wait to help’ you. They offer great pricing and totally original writing. This all sounds amazing, but before you place that order, take a look at what their customers have been saying.

We’ve been collecting their customers’ reviews, to give you a full and rounded idea of what Academized can do for you. We’ve separated them into different categories, so you can see where their strengths are. Are they as good as they say they are?
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Quality: 5/5

Customers had a lot to say about the quality of their essays, and overall they were pleased with what they got:

  • ‘My essay came on time, which was perfect as I had a very strict deadline.’
  • ‘Was impressed with the quality of the references in my essay, it helped me get better marks.’
  • ‘I’ve used this service a few times and I’ve seen that they really do always write original work. I’ll keep coming back as I know they don’t plagiarise.’
  • ‘My writer followed my instructions to the letter. I got exactly what I needed, so I’m really pleased.’
  • ‘I’ve used other services where they’ve made grammatical or spelling mistakes before, but I didn’t get any of that here.’

Writers: 5/5

When working with a writer, you need to be confident that they know their stuff. Can you be sure that the Academized writers are good at what they do? The customers have this to say:

  • ‘My writer had a PhD, and it showed in their writing. I loved what they put together for me. There are other writers with Masters degrees and similar, so it’s clear they really do have the qualifications to write for you.’
  • ‘I’ve gone to other writing services in the past, and found that their writers weren’t native English speakers. Here, I saw my writer clearly was an English speaker from the work they did for me.’
  • ‘It was easy to find a writer who had the expertise in my subject. It meant my essay was written from the right perspective.’

Price: 4.8/5

Pricing is always important to students. You need an essay, but you can’t afford to be paying the extortionate prices some other sites will ask for. What can you expect from this site?

  • ‘I found the pricing was much lower than I thought it would be. It’s not the lowest around, but for the quality you’re getting, it’s well worth what you’re paying.’
  • ‘There weren’t any hidden costs when I ordered. I was prepared for my quote to rise as I placed the order, but I only paid the price they quoted me. I was relieved to see that!’
  • ‘I could pay through PayPal, which was great as I knew I was protected through them. I had no problems, but if I did I knew my money was safe.’

Support: 5/5

Support is vital with any writing service. Can Academized take care of all their customers? Looking at the reviews, it’s clear to see they felt well supported during the writing process:

  • ‘There are lots of ways to get in touch, so there’s sure to be a method you can use. I talked to the team through the live chat, which meant I got answers right away.’
  • ‘I can’t praise the team. They’re a native English speaking team and I found it easy to talk to them. It was great when I was having a small problem that needed attention.’

Policies: 4.9/5

Finally, what policies and guarantees do Academized have in place for you? Can they promise you the best quality?

  • ‘I ordered, and then realised I could write the essay myself. I explained to the team and they were happy to give me my money back. It was easy and I’d use them again after this.’
  • ‘My essay needed a couple of revisions, which my writer was happy to do. They took my notes and made my essay just as I wanted it.
  • ‘I’ve ordered a few times from Academized and their guarantees are legit. They’ll give you original work every time, and it’s always on time. They do care about their customers.’

Academized Review Summary Via Writing

Overall, it’s easy to see that past customers are pleased with the service they got from Academized. Some of the highlights are the quality of the writing they received, the low prices they paid, and the superior support they got from the customer support team.

It’s clear that Academized is a writing service that very much cares about the customer experience. With this information, you can place an order with them and get what you’re expecting. Check out their site and see for yourself.

Final Rating: 4.9


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